Salvaje – Tray


We present ‘Salvaje’ collection, inspired by the poem ‘Salvaje’. The poem describes the typical Uruguayan countryside, a land with many pastures and streams. As the character moves through the fields, she gradually becomes part of it, surrendering to nature. The reader becomes part of this process, sensing the aromas, textures, colours and sounds highlighting the beauty of the wild.

The collection consists of three small objects made to furnish grooming rituals: a mirror, a tray and a brush. We use raw materials such as wood and Tiento (a material derived from leather) and mix of modern and craft techniques such as wood carving and braiding of the Tiento. The result is a series of pieces with contrasting textures, natural colours and contemporary forms; aiming to evoke a similar sensory experience to ‘Salvaje’.

Dimensions: 24,5x10x6,3(h) cm
Materials: Curupay Wood
Made in Uruguay

Subject to stock, manufacturing time is approximately 40 days.

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