Year: 2019
Dimensions and materials:
. Mirror: 20 x 8 x 17,5 (h) cm
Stainless steel and Oak wood / Curupay wood
. Brush: 9,5 (D) x 9 (h) cm
Oak wood / Curupay wood, Tiento and horse bristles
. Tray: 24,5 x 10 x 6,3 (h) cm
Oak wood / Curupay wood

‘Poetic Forms’ is an exhibition that celebrates the centenary of “Las Lenguas de Diamante”, the book that catapulted Uruguayan poet Juana de Ibarbourou’s instant success in 1919. The show was exhibited at London Design Fair, and is the result of the collaboration between Industrial Designer Matteo Fogale and 9 Uruguayan design studios, creating pieces inspired by the passion reflected in the poems.

We present ‘Salvaje’ collection, inspired by the poem ‘Salvaje’. The poem describes the typical Uruguayan countryside, a land with many pastures and streams. As the character moves through the fields, she gradually becomes part of it, surrendering to nature. The reader becomes part of this process, sensing the aromas, textures, colours and sounds highlighting the beauty of the wild.

The collection consists of three small objects made to furnish grooming rituals: a mirror, a tray and a brush. We use raw materials such as wood and Tiento (a material derived from leather) and mix of modern and craft techniques such as wood carving and braiding of the Tiento. The result is a series of pieces with contrasting textures, natural colours and contemporary forms; aiming to evoke a similar sensory experience to ‘Salvaje’.

Curador: Matteo Fogale
Fotografía de producto: Marcos Villalba

El poema: SALVAGE
I drink the clean clear water of the stream
And wander through fields leaning only
On a smooth, strong, polished carob stem
Whose branches once held a sweet nest.

Thus I spend my days, brown and unkempt,
On the soft carpet of a scented lawn,
Eating the juicy flesh of strawberries
Or seeking fragrant bunches of raspberries.

My body is permeated by the ardent aroma
Of mature grasses. My dark hair
Scatters, unbraided, the smell of sun and of hay,
Of salvia, of mint and the flowers of rye.

I´m free, healthy, joyful, young and brown,
Like Ithe goddess of wheat and the goddess of oats!
I’m as chaste as Diana
And smell of new grass, born in the morn!