Year: 2018
Dimensions: 120x58x56(h) cm
Material: Uruguayan suede leather / Lapacho Ipe wood / Steel rods with shinny finish

‘Hilos invisibles’ is a group project that celebrates the legacy of Uruguayan Architect Julio Vilamajo Echaniz. The show was exhibited at The Aram Gallery during London Design Festival, and is the result of the collaboration between Industrial Designer Matteo Fogale and 7 uruguayan design studios, creating new one-off pieces inspired by the work of the Architect.

We present Plinto, a bench characterized by geometric forms and elegance. The main piece is made out of Uruguayan suede leather with Lapacho Ipe wood legs, and it is combined with a detachable side table made from steel rods that can be disposed along the bench.

The piece is based on a plane made by Vilamajo that seems to be from a column. We tried to mantain the same easthetic of the drawing, using geometric and simple forms, combined with repetitive patterns. We translated that into the piece by working the materials more “graphically” and giving importance to the interaction between them.

Design studios: Estudio Diario / Estudio Claro / Menini Nicola / Muar / Carolina Palombo / Claudio Sibille.

Product photography by Florencia Antia / Images at the Faculty of Engineering by Tali Kimelman /Exhibition photography at The Aram Gallery by Emma Archer.